Sheila Deeth's Writing

Contemporary Literary Fiction:

Divide by Zero: The quiet subdivisions of Paradise offer Troy and his family a chance to repair their lives after his father's departure and sudden return. They meet the locals. They build new lives. Children are born. Teenage girls rush through the park after dark. And Troy’s new sister-in-law obsesses about guardian angel cats. When a child is killed, it falls to another wounded child, Troy’s son, to offer the whole community a second chance. An ABNA 2009 quarter-finalist, due for publication in July 2012 by Publishing

Infinite Sum: They called her the Guardian Angel Cat girl for pictures she sold at church fairs, but Sylvia Steepleton, from Divide by Zero, has spent most of her life seeking a guardian angel of her own. When her therapist tells her to look through childhood paintings, Sylvia views everything in black and red until she learns that what matters isn't the sum of events that have happened to her, so much as how she builds on those events.

Subtraction: The teacher takes a road trip in search of a missing child, and finds himself.

Imaginary Numbers: No one should see their mother's obituary online while talking to her on the phone, (With thanks to Pat Bertram and Second Wind Publishing for permission to use the initial idea from Pat Bertram's book, More Deaths than One.)

Novellas and Novellettes:

Nalya's Sunset: Kol’s friend Nalya is blind, and childhood attraction is just transforming into love when a devastating storm brings death and destruction raining on their fast-grain farm. The two children grow up too fast, Kol working with grain and Nalya leaving for town. But eventually Kol learns it's not always the sighted who see most clearly. Nalya returns bringing with her a love as pure and enduring as the sunset sky.

Rose on the Vine: Can ghosts of the future haunt the past? And if so, how will we appease them? When Emma falls victim to their house's gruesome mystery, Joe lands in jail. Meanwhile local children Dan and Jess make the mistake of drawing too close. But in the end, Jess's girlfriend helps bring the story full-circle to a place where roses bloom.

Refracted: Available as an e-book from Gypsy Shadow Publishing: The story of a man who gets lost in time and can't remember what he's looking for.

Black Widow: Available as an e-book from Gypsy Shadow Publishing: The history of Boudicca's Britain meets the legend of the Holy Grail.

Flower Child: Available as an e-book from Gypsy Shadow Publishing: The curious relationship between a grieving mother and her unborn child.

Short stories:

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Middle-grade novels:

Hemlock Edge: Four children learn to do magic in their dreams, then witches try to kill them and wizards try to take them away to school.
Hemlock Bees: It's time for the children to learn what they can and can't do as mages, but no-one's sure if the bees are there to help them or destroy them.
More Hemlock books coming soon...

Children's books:

David goes to school: An excitable kindergartner learns where food comes from, how to push a friend's wheelchair, and how to be a walking disaster in this set of children's stories.
David learns his Numbers: David's in first grade now and starts learning to count and work with numbers.

Picture Books:

Tom's Dog and other pets: A set of picture books highlighting children's emotions and how to read other people's emotions.


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