About Sheila Deeth

Writing: I love to write, and have a great fondness for drabbles.

: I love to read, though I read way too fast, and rarely remember details (which does have the great advantage that I can always enjoy re-reading a good book).

: I have self-published a set of Bible books on Lulu.

Faith and Science
: I have a Masters in Mathematics from Cambridge University England, and specialized in mathematical astronomy during my post-graduate year. I'm also an ordained (inactive) elder in the Presbyterian church (PCUSA). My brother is a Catholic priest, and I have close links with the Methodist church, Church of England, Free Evangalical church, Christian Reformed Church, and with the Gideon's Bible Society.

: I used to write computer programs. Then I got paid to break them. Now I'm trying to make my blog look like a website.

Forgiveness and Healing: Forgiveness is a theme in several of my novels.
Watch this space. I hope to post more information soon.

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