Reviews of Sheila Deeth's Books

If you've written a review of one of my books and would like me to include it here, please let me know. I love hearing from readers.

Reviews of Flower Child:

Ruth Cox writes "The reader is drawn by the double-edged sword of emotion as Flower Child author Sheila Deeth embraces the depths of motherhood, the hauntings — of love and of loss — of child" and quotes Philip K. Dick "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away," concluding "Author Sheila Deeth succeeds in tugging our heartstrings in the bittersweet beauty of the story of her Flower Child." Read the whole review at

Kimberly Brock calls Flower Child "Deceptively simple and poignantly effervescent," a novel which " speculates over the limits of memory, the fine line between faith and fantasy, and that place where intellect fails us, revealed only in dreams." Find her review at 

Fran Lewis asks "Do you believe in small miracles? Do you believe in angels?" concluding "Love is something we must earn. Life is precious and children are our hope for the future." Read her review at

Gail Lewis asks "Is the garden where the children’s souls begin actually the Garden of Eden? Is there an adjoining Hell, as well? Will Angela ever escape the Garden? If so, will she be a human, an angel, or a demon? Or, none of these?" Her review can be found at Summit Book Reviews at 

Reviews of Refracted:

Erin O'Riordan writes "Refracted by Sheila Deeth (Gypsy Shadow Publishing) is the kind of book that starts out by making the reader wonder, 'What am I reading?' " then continues to explain how the book evokes "I've Loved You Before" by Melissa Etheridge, The Prestige by Christopher Priest, and more. Read her review at, or look for it on Amazon.

Aubrie Dionne writes "Sheila Deeth weaves together many stories with the underlying themes of rebirth and second chances... a world on the brink of a biblical apocalypse..." Read the whole review at

Lee Harmon writes "What a fun read!... memories of the story will linger... If you find yourself describing the book to someone, adjectives will spill forth like the colors of the rainbow..." Read the whole review at

Gail Lewis writes "This is one genre that goes beyond explanation. You have to read it to experience it... Sheila Deeth’s writing will surprise you too." Find her review on Summit Book Reviews at

Reviews of Black Widow:

P.L. Crompton, author of The Last Druid writes "In historical novels, attention to detail is important. When the author adds myth—a form of history unproven—reading pleasure increases tenfold. Black Widow meets all expectations. Excellent writing combined with first-class research made reading a joy..." Read the whole review here

Aubrie Dionne, author of Malicifier and other books, writes "Black Widow is a tale filled with blood, passion, and grit. Told in elegantly written prose, the story reads like verses of a poem, telling a tragic tale of warring tribes, clashes of gods, and unfulfilled love..." Read the whole review here.

Gail Lewis at Summit Book Reviews writes "...A spellbinding tale of a sorceress whose skills both frighten and delight the people around her. Nimi’s unusual and sensual lover will keep you guessing, as will his interest in the crucified one and the disagreements between Nimi and her blue man..." Read the whole review at

Reviews of Mongrel Christian Mathematician:

Mary Russel, author of Rudolph, a Child's Love Story, writes "I love the way she groups her poems around a theme... Her "Patriot Son" poems touched me. I found many of her "Logical" poems amusing. The "After the Fall" poems were powerful. the Seasonal poems were filled with descriptions of beauty, sadness, humor, and realism." Read her whole review at

Reviews of Inspired by Faith and Science Books


Excerpts from reviews of Genesis People:
Imagine a group of children sitting mesmerized when learning about the Creation of the World. (Fran Lewis, author of the Bertha Series of books)
How I wish I had found Genesis People when my boys were young! (Ginna Vickory)
I think they would have understood the verses better and had fun (Gina Carn)
Adults will also see with new eyes and understanding. (Myrna De Mots, preschool teacher)
...fact-based stories capable of entertaining both the young and old alike. (Joyce Bergstrom)
Writing with spiritual stimulation from true Bible stories, Deeth exercises “holy imagination” and takes us on a journey with fresh insights into biblical characters, their original surroundings and God’s heart for his people and the whole of creation. (Carl Leep, Pastor, Oak Hills Christian Reformed Church)
...thoroughly researched and creative writing. (Corinne Bosch)
The stories are very well written and thoughtful, and reflect the author's in-depth understanding of the Bible. G. B. Rodriguez, Author of Vengeance: The Wrath of Angels
Especially now, in our time, we need these accounts of what may be our own ancestral history, whether by blood or by adoption. (Candace Weber, church musician and piano teacher)

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Excerpt from review of A Bible Book of Colors:
What a great way to teach children colors and the understanding at the same time. (Fran Lewis, author of the Bertha Series of books)

Excerpt from review of A Bible Book of Numbers:
...questions that children might want answered...explain the simple terms for children to understand. (Fran Lewis, author of the Bertha Series of books)


Excerpt from review of Christmas! Genesis to Revelation in 100 words a day:
...lovingly illustrated and told in a style that all can understand...the perfect accompaniment for Sunday school lessons and for youth seeking answers in the Bible’s teachings. (Ann B. Keller, Author of BRIGGEN, The Devil's Crescent and Crenellations)
It starts with how the planets and the earth came to be and the questions of a child as to why the fruit of a tree was forbidden...a calendar of 31 days of events that helped create our world... (Fran Lewis, author of the Bertha Series of books)

Excerpt from review of Easter! Creation to Salvation in 100 words a day:
The language is concise yet colorful, cleverly executed in exactly 100 words (a drabble) per entry... (Siobhan Harkin)
This book is a must for Sunday school teachers, children, teenagers, and all of those seeking answers to so many of life’s myriad questions. (Ann B. Keller, Author of BRIGGEN, The Devil's Crescent and Crenellations)

Excerpts from review of Thanksgiving! From Eden to Eternity in 100 words a day:
...Sheila Deeth reaches out to young people of all ages to help them understand the true meaning of giving thanks and the wonders of the Bible...(Fran Lewis, author of the Bertha Series of books)

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