Sheila Deeth on Computers

Once upon a time I had a job writing computer programs. And it was fun.

Then I had a job bringing up kids. That was fun too. Computers are a bit like kids - ridiculously literal, always looking for ways to trip you up if you make a mistake...

Then the kids got bigger and I got a job breaking computer programs. How cool it that? They paid me to break stuff. It couldn't last...

And now I'm jobless and the kids are grown. On the plus side, that means I have more time to write, which is what I really want to do. And it means I can play at blogging and creating a website, under the guise of "promoting" those books that I'm dreaming of selling.

If you want to know what hoops I've been jumping through to create this web site (with many thanks to blogger), just follow these links:

Turning a Blog into a Website 1
Turning a Blog into a Website 2

And for a curious but not necessarily profitable journey into the realm of webmaster tools:

Brands, Labels and Catchphrases 1
Brands, Labels and Catchphrases 2
Brands, Labels and Catchphrases 3
Brands, Labels and Catchphrases 4