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Sheila Deeth on Computers

Once upon a time I had a job writing computer programs. And it was fun. Then I had a job bringing up kids. That was fun too. Computers are a bit like kids - ridiculously literal, always looking for ways to trip you up if you make a mistake... Then the kids got bigger and I got a job breaking computer programs. How cool it that? They paid me to break stuff. It couldn't last... And now I'm jobless and the kids are grown. On the plus side, that means I have more time to write, which is what I really want to do. And it means I can play at blogging and creating a website, under the guise of "promoting" those books that I'm dreaming of selling. If you want to know what hoops I've been jumping through to create this web site (with many thanks to blogger), just follow these links: Turning a Blog into a Website 1 Turning a Blog into a Website 2 And for a curious but not necessarily profitable journey into the realm of webmaster tools: Brands, Labels and Catchphrases 1
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What IF... Studies: Inspired by Faith and Science

Who am I? Follow my IFS BLOG to see what I'm working on... I am a Catholic, Methodist, Church of England, Free Evangelical, Presbyterian (USA), Christian reformed Christian, so maybe I should just call myself a mongrel. But I am a very committed Christian. I'm also a rather well-qualified mathematician, with a particular interest in mathematical astronomy. I like science. I like history. And I sincerely believe God speaks to us through them both as well as through the Bible. If any of the three seem to disagree with each other, I'm convinced we need to look more closely at them all. The aim of my Bible Studies: To keep the emphasis on the Bible. To remember God’s word is always more important than my interpretation. To be ready to encourage people to read the Bible and hear God’s word, rather than risk them rejecting what God says because of man’s word. My interpretation may be valuable to me, but it’s God’s word that might make a difference to my neighbor. To know what th

Sheila Deeth Reads...

Okay. I admit it. I read too much (and too fast). But if you want to see some of my bookshelves, and read my book reviews, you'll find a lot of them on my Goodreads page . My schedule is full for the rest of this year, but it you would like me to review your book, please feel free to contact me . Christian Books Suspense Mystery Romance Humor Science Fiction Historical Children's Books Young Adult Poetry Cookery I also write book reviews forthe Lunch Break Ebook column in Nights and Weekends .

Sheila Deeth on Self-Publishing

I really didn't want to self-publish. But I really did want to be published. When I lost my job and began writing seriously (spending way too much time on it probably), I started researching all the publishers I knew. But they didn't want to publish un-agented authors. So I researched all the agents I could find in the backs of books that I was reading. They didn't want to agent unpublished authors. I didn't give up. I tried all the publishers and agents I didn't know, studied their interests, submission requirements, and even contacted them. But soon I was becoming an expert in knowing why I'd be rejected before it happened. It was kind of discouraging. Then there were those "publishers" that require their authors to make an "investment" in their work. I was already spending too much time. Spending too much money as well didn't seem like a good option. And then there was self-publishing. Self-publishing 1 Self-publishing 2 Self-publishin

Sheila Deeth On Writing

To find out what I learned about writing while reading tons of books as a judge for the Dan Poynter Global eBook Awards , try following this link: Writing lessons from an avid reader Or look at these blogposts on drabbles: I drabble How to drabble 1 How to drabble 2 How to drabble 3 How to drabble 4 these on writing: Top Ten Reasons for Not Writing Not Liking the Sound of My Own Voice Trying to write a novel from Beginning to End Recipes and Writing Blocking the Writing Prompts Now I know why I needed a plot Wondering How I write and these on the Snowflake Pro software that I've recently started using: Snowflakes on my computer Starting to use Snowflake Pro for editing How I'm using Snowflake to work backwards And how Snowflake even helped me make a poetry collection